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Wii Sports Club Bowling with Golf Rules Funny Moments Montage!

We’ve played Wii Sports Bowling on this channel before, but not like this! This time we take Dincher’s advice from a past time and play bowling again, this time with the aim to get the lowest score possible! Too bad there are no gutters or easy ways to get a low score, it’s all up to skill here! Who will win this ass-backwards challenge?…

People involved:
Michael Pagliaro (Pags): Arnold, P3
Randy Baxendale (Randy): Guest E, P1
Joe Campanelli (Joe): Guest F, P4
Ryan Dincher (Dincher): Guest D, P2

Songs used:
0:17 – Krusty Krab Theme ~ Spongebob Squarepants
1:14 – ShitzenGiggles ~ D1ofAquavibe
5:24, 5:40 – Chariots of Fire Theme
7:54 – Final Countdown ~ Europe
8:02 – Dummy! ~ Undertale

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