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VivoActive 3 Review – Activities (EP3) Running, Cycling, Strength, Gym and more!

In episode 3, let’s go through some of the most common activities on the VivoActive 3 like running, cycling, strength training and gym activities and what you can expect in terms of accuracy and exactly what data you get and don’t get with each one.

Get it here: http://geni.us/vLnwM or here: http://bit.ly/2h212u1 (Best Buy)

Final Review is Live! https://youtu.be/IDcakqddUCU

/// THE GEAR ///
Favorite Wearable (fenix 5X): http://geni.us/tpYB4j (Amazon)
Bike GPS: http://geni.us/IZULbM & http://geni.us/ys01orB (Amazon)
Adventure GPS: http://geni.us/CuUyGeJ (Amazon)

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