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USMC GRADUATION – Bravo & November Company Distinguished Honor Graduates

The Honor Graduates of Bravo & November Company retire the platoon guidons and the distinguished graduates are recognized during the graduation ceremony on Parris Island. Graduation date #Dec152017 #ParrisIslandPhotography Congratulations Marines!

This is a great example of what Marine Corps boot camp graduation is like.

During Marine Corps boot camp Phase 4, the new Marines begin to transition from their roles as recruits into that of United States Marines. During this phase new Marines now call their Drill Instructors by their rank. Instead of “Sir” or “Ma’am,” it is “Sgt” or “SSgt”. The Drill Instructors continue mentoring the new Marines by conducting discussion periods on critical topics that will help the new Marines to be successful in their transition to the operational forces.

The new Marines are given more responsibility during this phase to ensure that tasks are accomplished and time hacks are met. No longer is every minute of their day managed by the Drill Instructors. Now, new Marines are given orders and expected to lead themselves to accomplishing the mission. This opportunity allows the new Marines gain a better understanding of how they will be expected to operate in the “Fleet.”

Marine Day 11, excited families line the streets and try to catch a glimpse of their Marine running by in formation. Family Day starts off with a motivational run, referred to as the “MOT Run” throughout the Depot. All graduating Marines run in formation while singing motivational cadence, loudly signaling successful completion of Recruit Training. As recruits run to the cadence of their Drill Instructors, parents, family members and friends line the streets and cheer as they try to find the face of their loved one among the crowd of new Marines.

After the MOT Run, the new Marines have a chance to see family and friends for the first time during on-base liberty. Graduation is conducted on Friday in a formal ceremony and parade, attended by family and friends.


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