Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Offset Fairway Wood

The new Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Offset fairway woods offer golfers significant playability benefits as they deliver impressive distance and naturally high launch conditions while remaining highly forgiving. Additionally an offset hosel design helps players who struggle with a slice square the clubface more easily at impact for straighter shots from the fairway or a tee. The high launch that the Hot Launch 2 fairways produce is the result of a low deep center of gravity that’s made possible by a heavy weight that has been positioned at the back of the sole as well as a shallow clubface design. Additionally VFT (variable face thickness) technology has been incorporated into the design to produce faster ball speeds from impact points across the clubface. Hot Launch 2 Offset fairway woods are available in lofts of 15.5 19.5 22.5 24.5 and 26.5 degrees.


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