Stabilizing Spine Tilt For Longer Driver Shots


Stabilizing the angle of the spine throughout our golf swing serves as one of the chief teachings golfers adapt when looking to improve the depth of their driver shots.

George Gankas has prepared a golf lesson specifically tailored to assisting golfers searching for additional depth in their shots through the optimization of their swing.

Renowned throughout the internet as an instructional guru, George Gankas golf lessons have been regarded as a great foundation tool for any player looking to improve.

The GG Swing Method aims to achieve targeted goals in for all players regardless of skill set, by emphasizing the strengths of the player and improving any shortcomings found in their style.

When we start our golf swing, the angle of our spine should point towards the lead side of our body no more than five degrees.

This will make our lead shoulder appear only slightly below the trail shoulder, but will provide the needed rotation to our body in order to achieve our desired shot.

Applying proper tilt to our spine will enable our bodies to rotate correctly, allowing our body weight to be moved toward our lead side when working through our backswing.

If a player fails to transfer their body weight to their lead side during their golf swing, an imbalance in body weight distribution will lead to a reversal in swing pivot that causes huge complications when looking to drive the ball deep.

Many golfers get spine angle and spine tilt mixed up, as there are confusions regarding the positioning of their spine while setting up their golf swing.

Establishing the proper positioning would require that we utilize spine tilt to the lead side of our body, which will run simultaneously with the angle and positioning of our shoulder.

Other upper body rotations should follow the same angle as our spine tilt through to our downswing transition, culminating in a precise angle of attack being achieved.

Ensuring that we have set up our spine tilt correctly at address will create the perfect situation to establishing an efficient chain of motion throughout our entire golf swing.

In order to make the most solid impact with the golf ball, we must ensure our spine tilt has been optimized perfectly at address.

The tilt assessed to our spines at address should be maintained throughout our golf swing until we make impact.

Many players have found keeping their extremities steady and still, reducing any left right motion during the golf swing, has added a great deal to their overall driver performance.

Moving our arms, hands or head toward our intended target during this action will displace the angle achieved in our initial spine tilt, sending our drive shot off the rails in the process.

The initial start of weight shift in any golf swing begins at the top of our backswing.

Be sure to remember the shift nearly 90% of your body weight to your trail leg as our lower body initiates the swing forward, a positioning held until impact.

Once our body weight has shifted to the front of our golf swing, our club will be swung down into impact, with nearly all of our body weight resting on the trail side of our body.

Displacing the optimal amount of our body weight to our trail side will assist in keeping our initial spine tilt intact while producing an impressive, deep driving shot in the process.

Avoid Common This Common Flaw
Many golfers that have begun dissecting their driver shots find their swings going over the top, something that seems to be more common than not, especially in beginners.

Most over the top golf swings are product of excess energy found in our upper body.

This energy causes the most trouble during our downswing transition.

As our swing travels towards our ball on a broken swing plane, outside of our intended path, the resulting drive will either produce a pulled shot or slice.

The incorrect swing plane creates a vertical spine position, completely diminishing the achieved spine tilt at address.

Players are encouraged to pay special attention to their spine tilt during drives in order to avoid these aggravating conditions.


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