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Procedure for Dropping a Ball | Become a Rules Guru with England Golf | Rules of Golf 2018

In 2019, players will continue to drop a ball when taking relief, but the dropping procedure will be changed in several ways:

– the ball must be let go from knee height so that it falls through the air
– the focus of the dropping procedure will be on a specific “relief area”
– No re-drop is required if the dropped ball accidentally hits a person or object after hitting the ground but before coming to rest in the relief area
– if the dropped ball comes to rest outside the relief area, it will be dropped a second time; if it comes to rest outside the relief area after being dropped a second time it will be placed where it first touched the ground.
– if the placed ball will not come to rest on that spot after two attempts, the player will then place the ball on the nearest spot (not nearer the hole) where it will come to rest.


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