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Perfect Golf Backswing | Overview

Mastering the golf backswing is SUPER EASY with RotarySwing Tour (RST)! You’ll learn just how little you have to move when you understand the proper body movements of the backswing. You’ll see how you can STOP worrying about trying to position the golf club in a certain spot and learn you can position your body instead!

Heck, it’s so easy to make a perfect golf backswing the RST way that it might even make golf fun again 😉 Golf is hard when you’re chasing the golf club all over the place, especially when it’s happening behind you where you can’t see it like in the backswing!

RST Founder Chuck Quinton will teach you the incredibly simple ways of the RotarySwing that will teach you how to make a perfect backswing in no time – and you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

That’s right, if you follow these golf swing drills, you’ll learn a perfect backswing in only 5 minutes per day without hitting a single golf ball, check it out at https://rotaryswing.com/videos/full-swing-basics/backswing/5-minutes-to-the-perfect-backswing —
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