Longer Golf Drives – How To Increase Your Golf Driver Distance

Increase your Drive Distance – Golf lesson and golf tips on how to increase distance with your driver off the tee.

► Increase Driver Distance – Video Golf Lesson Summary

You can increase driver distance with a couple of setup and swing tweaks but you can also do so through better physical fitness.

Take a wider stance than normal, pushing that back foot a little further from your left foot and from the ball.

Lower your right shoulder a little more than usual.

Place 60% of your weight on your back foot, and 40% on your front foot at address.

Encourage a big shoulder rotation, and make sure there is plenty of resistance in your hips and legs. These tips help promote a strong coil and a good store of energy.

Make sure you begin the downswing through your hips. And focus on staying in balance as you swing as hard as you comfortably can while keeping a good swing tempo.

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