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Increase Driving Distance Off The Tee With This Core Golf Exercise | Chiropractor Dr. Andy

Warmer weather has arrived in most areas of the country, meaning that the golfing season is (hopefully) right around the corner. Now is the time to start making moves to improve your golf game before hitting the links!

Dr. Andy Schwert of West End Chiropractic presents a great drill to build speed and power to your golf game — using only a lightly weighted ball (ideally a 1-5 pound medicine ball).

– Start in a golfing stance, and grip the medicine ball as you would a golf club.

– Turn into your backswing as you would a normally, and upon returning to the starting position, throw the ball towards the ground, roughly six inches in front of your lead foot.

This is a great way to build the primary movement muscles of your golf swing, such as the abdominal core and legs — both helpful in building strength, and improving the overall power of your swing.


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