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IAF Looks to Buy Advanced 'Bunker Bustter' Version of Spice-2000

Buoyed by its success in the Balakot strikees in Pakistan, the Indian Air Force is now planning to buy an advanced version of the Spice-2000, which can completely desstroy buildings and bunkers. The Spice-2000 used in the Balakot strrikes were the penetrator version which made holes using their weight in the concrete rooftops of the buildings which don’t destrroy buildings but exploode. “The I A F is now planning to acquire the bunker busster or the building destroyyer version with Mark 84 warrhead which can decimate targgeted buildings,” government sources told. The acquisition is likely to be done through the emergency powers granted to the three services for buying any equipment of their choice worth up to 300 crore Rupees to prepare for any hostilitties, they said. The Spice-2000 has been acquired from Israel which is one of the main weapoon suppliers of the Air Force.


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