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How To Hit More Greens With This Simple Golf Tip: Club Up and Your Scores Will Drop

Simple Golf Tip To Hit More Greens With Alex Fortey From The Art of Simple Golf



The lesson I discuss today is the terrible and very common mistake too many golfers make when it comes to choosing the correct club and missing too many greens in regulation. It can easily be avoided with just using a simple golf tip and frankly some common sense. Common sense can go a long way when it comes to improving your golf game and your scores

If you look at pretty much any golf course around the world 90% of the time the architect will place the danger of the trouble on the front side of the green between you and your target i.e. the flagstick.

So what is it that most of us do not take this into consideration when choosing the club we hit?

The harsh reality you see is most golfers don’t hit the perfect golf shot every time.

Must be a shock to you I know!

Jack Nicklaus once stated that he only hit a few golf shots a round he was happy with; so why would you base your club choices and game expecting to hit most of your shots perfectly? Seems a bit silly really doesn’t it…

But alas we do for example if I were to ask you how far do you hit your six iron, most of you would give me a number let’s say from 150 – 185 yards depending on your level. One thing I would wager is you would give me the yardage for your well struck six iron… Not your average.

I know that number you’re giving me is a particular number that striking it just right and sweetly… but chances are this won’t happen often unless you are a tour pro…

So is it not common sense to choose a club that will “on average” get your ball the required distance not just get you the required distance if you hit it perfectly. Doing this will gee you the best average chance to reach the hole and avoid all the trouble at that is at the front of the green such as bunkers and water.

How do you and discover your average distance? Well it’s not rocket science and there are a couple of options depending on your facilities and time restrictions

1) Use modern technology such as Flightscope, Trackman, Skytracker and hot 10-20 shots with each club

2) On a range with visible targets estimate each shot with 10 balls

3) On a hole (when it’s quiet) hit 5-6 shots with a club and mark out distance. Do a couple of these a round and soon enough you will have gone through the whole set.

After you have a good average for most of your clubs just write on a piece of paper and keep in golf bag or even better is to tape the yardage for each club onto the shaft so you can check every time.

When you know your average distance you will have a very good weapon in your consistency improvement because now you can base your club decision on the fairway with confidence knowing that your AVERAGE strike will get you to where you need to be.

This my friend is such a simple golf tip but it will revolutionize the way you play and score. It may be simple but alas i’m afraid it requires some specific effort on your part but I promise it is well worth it.

I hope you enjoy the video, sorry it was a little windy but it was a spontaneous golf lesson I wanted to give when I had a quick round in Dubai and the hole played was perfect for it!

Thanks to Tom Rourke at The Track Meydan Golf Club for letting me use the facilities last year and this video fell by accident into the archives!

This is Golf. Simplified.

Your friend and coach,

Alex Fortey

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