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How to get Backspin! | Golf | Learn how to spin the golf ball like the pro’s!

Rob Davies Head PGA Professional at The Abbey Hotel in Worcestershire provides 3 key points to maximise back spin.
If you often wonder how top players get the ball to spin back when it hits the green, this video will show you it’s done with 3 simple ingredients;
1. Friction
2. Loft
3. Speed

To create the maximum amount of backspin it is also very important to use premium wedges & premium golf balls.
You will not get the ball to physically spin back without all of the above impact factors. The greens also need to be relatively receptive to create the amount of spin Rob does in this video, filmed on the 18th hole at The Abbey Hotel Golf & Spa in Redditch, Worcestershire (Midlands UK).

For a great drill on improving your angle of attack with your irons check out this video from Rob

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