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Golf Tips & Drills: How To Identify The Proper Swing Path

Another golf drill presented by Brandon Stooksbury of www.StooksburyGolf.com on how to identify the path in which your club is swinging through impact.

Many golfers struggle with the idea of what the proper swing path of the club should feel like. They don’t know the proper position the body should take or the proper action of the hands and arms as the club moves through impact.

This drill requires a simple piece of wood approximately 2-3 feet long and a mid to short iron. The movement of the board as your push it with the club will simulate what happens to the ball in the air if struck. You want the board to move straight toward the target when you push it along the ground, ensuring that the club path and club face are positioned and moving correctly during the strike.

Be sure to check out www.StooksburyGolf.com for more drills and videos. Enjoy!


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