Golf Swing Made Simple: Learn The 2-6 Inch Golf Swing

Golf Swing Made Simple: Learn The 2-6 Inch Golf Swing

The golf swing can be a complicated endeavor when you try too hard to make the perfect golf swing. But this simple golf lesson with Alex Fortey from the Art of Simple Golf aims to rid you of that confusion.

Can golf be as simple as a 2 inch golf swing? On the course it’s important to keep your swing thoughts simple, and this tip does that.

It’s easy to think too much about balance, turning the wrists, head positions and so on when in reality you need to be focussed on the target and the feel of the shot you want to hit. NOT about positions.

Golf should not be that hard.

Of course we need principles and fundamentals that provide a repeatable action and swing, such as a good address position that feels athletic, ball position, getting that right and consistent, and nice firm posture.

But the golf swing can be just a few inches, and what I mean by that is something I refer to quite often when I’m playing, especially if I haven’t played for a little while. Yesterday, I played 9 holes and I did just that. Really, my primary game plan was, choose my target, pick a very specific spot for every shot I play, have an intermediate point that I am setting up over, and that is my objective to hit the golf ball.

But the second part is, I’m not thinking about too much else, apart from moving one of my shoulders about 2-3 inches. Now, the left shoulder is something I generally prefer, because I’m just pulling my left shoulder 2 inches back this way. And look, there’s a golf swing. It’s really as simple as that. Just by thinking about that, the rest follows.

You might prefer the right shoulder. If so, try with the right arm only. Just move the right shoulder 2-3 inches. That’s the only thought you’re having. And look, you’ve got a golf swing. The rest should take care of itself.

So next time you’re on the range, just give this a try. Pick your target. Get setup. Get your vision and a golf shot in your mind. Make sure your swing is going to match that picture. And then just move your shoulder 2 inches.

Give it a try. It’s going to make your swing and game much simpler for you.

The Art of Simple Golf was born when confusion overruled the joy of golf.

You know that horrible dream where rabid dogs are coming at you, and you try to run but you are frozen in fear?

Ever feel like golf is just like that?

Not the rabid dogs part, but the frozen in fear due to over-thinking?

Stop overcomplicating. Listen to your swing.simple golf tips

Using simple methods. Simple drills, breaking down the game into tips that actually work. Giving you freedom in your golf swing.

Our goal is to get golfers to;

-play more consistent golf
-hit longer drives
-shoot lower scores
-feel better
-play better
-and enjoy golf once more

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