Golf Story Blind Walkthrough Part 45: Ultimate Wedges

Couldn’t. Stop. Questing! I kept trying to finish one thing, but kept getting thrown into another, lol! Unfreezing people led to automatically activating sidequest challenges for instance. Eventually though I ended up doing one that yielded what I bet are the best wedges in the entire game!

Wedge links:

Pinemeadow Golf 68-degree:

LEZAX 70-degree:

Bombtech Golf 72-degree:
New! Limited Edition BombTech 72 Degree Wedge

Feel Golf 73-degree:

Feel Golf 73 Degree Lob Wedge


I have since found a 76 degree wedge by Super Fly (Apparently Wilson Golf?):

You may have come across an 80-degree “Dr. Knockdown” wedge looking for higher lofted ones, but it’s clearly less. Probably more around 63-65 degrees as I measured that image in GIMP (90 degrees being totally flat minus the about-25-degree face angle plus 1 degree or so of forward shaft lean equals 64). Link:

Keep in mind though that if you use a massively lofted wedge, there may be diminishing returns. A 76 is only designed for short flop shots for instance, but you can do flops with a 60 by opening the face and do longer approach shots with the 60 to boot. But this is not to say the big lofters don’t have purpose. They may fit someone who has trouble opening the face and has an extra slot in their bag. Like a “when necessary” club. Plus you may find them fun to just mess around with, lol!

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