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Golf Rules – Balls close together in bunker

With Henry from @underthecard, we show you how to proceed when you have two player’s golf balls right beside each other in a bunker.
If the person to play (usually the one farthest from the hole), believes another player’s ball is interfering with their next stroke, they may ask them to mark their ball. This can be in any part of the course.
The player whose ball is interfering then marks their ball, and can then move their marker further away if necessary when the marker would still cause an interference.
The ball must not be cleaned (even putting your ball in your pocket could be seen as cleaning it) in this procedure unless the marked ball is on the putting green.
After the first player has played, the ball must then be replaced by reversing the steps to get the ball back into position. If the lie has been altered by the first player, it must be recreated using any means necessary to get that lie back to as close as possible to what it was.
Rule 15.3.


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