Golf Fitness Exercises Demonstrated by Kai Fusser and Charlotta Sorenstam – 2013 PGA Show From the 2013 PGA Show, watch Kai Fusser and Charlotta Sorenstam of the Annika Academy demonstrate golf swing fault exercises.

Kai Fusser also launches his DVD series from Kai Fitness for Golf at the 2013 PGA Show.

The three principles of performing an exercise

Many times I am asked: what are some golf specific exercises? or golf fitness exercises?

The way I see it is that the body has to be trained as a complete chain from the toes up to the fingertips, if there is one weak link the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is true for any sport but is easy to understand if you look at the golf swing, we try our best to produce some movement in the club head in a certain direction with the intention to hit the ball just the way we like to. Basically we produce power through the activation of all the muscles in our body, that big interconnected system, not one muscle will be left out during the performance of the swing. The club acts as a tool as well as an extension of our limbs for better leverage.

To transfer that power to the ball in a controlled manner shows us how important it is to have that chain of body parts optimized in every way:

* A solid base to work off (contact to the ground)
* Alignment of all parts (spine angle)
* Solid connection between all joints (core, muscles and connective tissue)
* Synchronization of all moving parts (nervous system)
* Uninterrupted transfer of power through the body (flow)


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