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Dude Perfect Shows Us How to Play 'Wolf' Golf Game | Golf Digest

Dude Perfect shows Golf Digest a golf game for those who enjoy having a new challenge on every hole and love to take risks.
(pumping dance music)
What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect
here to tell you about a game called Wolf.
Wolf’s a fun game, because every hole
is basically a brand-new match.
First thing, is decide at the tee box
how much each hole is worth.
The Wolf rotates every hole, and The Wolf
gets to decide if he wants to go two-V-two or one-on-three.
If he does decide that he wants to team up with someone,
he has to declare that as soon as that person drives.
At the end of the hole, the team
with the lowest score wins.
Attakid coach.
Hey, and if you’re the cocky kind
and decide to go by yourself, the win amount
doubles if you take home a victory,
but if you lose, the loss amount doubles as well,
and you’ll be cashing out.
That’s how it’s played!
Ty’s the wolf on Hole One, so he tees off first.
(club hits ball)
Yeah, hate to say it boys, but I think I’m going solo.
I don’t need to see your drives.
Brought to you by the all-new BMW X1.

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Dude Perfect Shows Us How to Play ‘Wolf’ Golf Game | Golf Digest


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