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Category: Golf Rules

Rules & Etiquette with Tom Carpus



GOLF RULES FOR EVERYONE with PGA professional Mark Crossfield, talking about golf rules that many trip up on and how you can improve your golf game with some simple...

Golf Rules | The Five Rules You Need To Know | Golf Monthly

►Jeremy Ellwood explains the five Rules of Golf you need to know, including those around a provisional ball, unplayable lie and what you can and can’t do in...

Most Broken Rules In Golf | Golf Monthly

► In this Rules of Golf video, Golf Monthly’s Jeremy Ellwood talks you through how to avoid breaking the most broken rules in golf ► Become a FREE SUBSCRIBER...

USGA Rules of Golf Clinic Part I

Teeing Ground, Lateral Water Hazards, Dropping the Ball. Rules Clinic, filmed on location at the Ocean Course at Hammock Beach, Palm Coast Florida. Update 2016: RIP...

Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf

This guide provides a simple explanation of common Rules situations. source