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In this video, Neil Tappin is joined by rules guru Jezz Ellwood to look at the rules of golf. The two discuss the scenarios when knowing the rules might help you …...

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Titleist Tips | What Golf Terms Mean: "Quick"

The essence of golf is hitting a ball with a stick. Sounds like the simplest thing in the world, right? But it only takes a few swings to appreciate how infinitely...

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Learn the Rules of Golf | The R&A Rules Skool Open

The Rules Skool Open is targeted for younger golfers to give them the basics of the Rules of Golf and have fun in an entertaining way, while also being of use to …...

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Basic Golf Terms For Beginners | Deemples Golf App

In this video, we’ll explain all the basic golf terminology every beginner golfer needs to know. What’s a mulligan? What’s a bogey? What’s an OB?...

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Golf Equipment

Buying New Golf Shoes? WATCH THIS FIRST!

This is the entire Mizuno Golf Shoes line up for 2021, including both their spiked and...

Golf Tutorials

Management of Pain Post Spinal Cord Injury by Dr William Sullivan

A lecture presented during the First Annual Conference of the Saudi Spine Society....